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The Adventure Brew Hostel

The Adventure Brew Hostel located in a privileged location in the city, a place that combines hospitality, beer, spectacular views and a good place to make friends from all corners of the world, becoming a reference point for tourists and locals alike. ​

One of the main attractions of the Hostel is the variety of craft beer and smash burguers, made with high-quality ingredients, taking our guests to a unique and unforgettable experience. ​


In addition to being a cozy place, it has different types of rooms accommodating each of the guests, spaces for fellowship, and a terrace with a wonderful view. Here you can find not only travelers like you, of all ages, but you will also find our staff with all the information you need to continue planning your trip in Bolivia.









Places near the Hostel

We are fortunate to be located on a strategic street from which you can reach different historic streets full of culture and its transformation to modernity, in addition to delighting in the typical food found in the surroundings of these fantastic places.

Terminal de buses.

Estación central Teleferico

Plaza Murillo.

Calle Jaen.


Calle de las brujas.

ph: Jacson Querubin

Plaza San Frncisco.

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